Monday, November 8, 2010

Muslim Women's Bridal Gown and make-ups

Wedding gowns, as well as wedding receptions, sometimes differ quite much from a tradition, culture or continent to another. If in Europe and America you will mostly find white dresses, designed after specific patterns

Berlin Islamic Fashion Show
A model presents a wedding dress by Turkish
designer Muhterem Cen during the 'Walk of
Islam' fashion show in Berlin.

Sri Lankan Muslim bridal dress

Sri Lankan Muslim bridal dress is somewhat unique when compared to other styles of South Asian Muslim bridal dress, because in Sri Lanka, Muslim brides most often wear white, Western-style wedding dresses with veils, while most grooms wear Western-style suits. Bridesmaids wear dresses in colors other than white, and flowergirls wear Western-style party dresses.

Egyptian Style

Another popular style of wedding hijabs is the Egyptian one, which consists of two pieces. The inner piece is similar to the long wedding hijab and is worn around the face. The outer portion is twisted around the placed at the top of the head, but both these pieces are joined together at the forehead.

Kuwaiti wedding style hijabs. They also consist of two pieces but the second piece is placed between the neck and chin area. It is then further wrapped around the first portion to create a neat and polished look.

 Asian Choices

These are just a few types that can be seen worn by women all around the world. Regionally there are certain differences in the head scarves worn by Lebanese, Moroccan, Jordanian and Turkish women which set them apart from each other in a crowd.

Bridal veil is a beautiful accent for wedding dress. It clearly says, "Here comes the bried" !!! To make the most of your hood, you'll need to choose a headpiece and hairstyle that complements it.

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